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Tiny brood from A. mcmasteri


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Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

I have a pair of A. mcmasteri 'red neck' in a 20 high with substantial drift wood, some plants, and 3 Espei rasboaras as dithers. The tank is part of an 85 gallon system that is lightly stocked. Yesterday I noticed around 6 fry- they seem able to swim a bit although they mostly hop so I'm guessing they can't be older than about a week since hatching. I'm curious if maybe it's one of their first broods, so it's bound to be small or if I messed up with my choice of dithers and they're eating them all at night (I know rasboras would eat a fry if given the chance, but I can't ever seem to find pencilfish).

pH is 6.5
temperature is 76-77

I think they had a few false starts at breeding with the eggs or fry potentially being eaten as I've had to remove the male twice with torn up fins after they appeared to be a pair with a suitable cave. This time when I reintroduced the male I also added the rasboras as dithers.

The male is about 2" and female about 1 1/4" including tails, I've had them for a few months now and have watched them grow. I think that means that they're fairly new to sexual maturity, right? Although the female has been bright yellow and occasionally showing her belly to the male for most of the last 4 months.

I haven't been feeding specifically for fry seeing as I just noticed them so that may be a cause for the small brood as well, but with a similar amount of driftwood and leaf litter I have raised up a much larger brood of about 50 A borelli without ever feeding fry-specific foods.


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