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Tank Shot: My 55G with Apistos & Angels


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Here's a shot of my 55g tank. We moved into our new house at the end of July & I lost half of my plants, over 2 years worth of growth on an anubias nana & 3/4 my java fern and most of the dwarf Saggitaria that I had covering some areas just gone. It gave me an opportunity to change some things up to make room for new plants.
Tank is recouping nice & I have christmas moss in other tanks to cover 2 medium pieces of drift wood that will go in the empty space on the front left.
1 Lg Gold Pearscale Angel & Sm Blue Blusher
1 pair of A. Cacatuoides
2 Sm Male?? A. Cacatuoides
5 Baby Albino Bristle Nose
5 Kuhlii Loaches
4 SAE's
4 Brilliant Rasboras(Red Tails)
1 Three Spot Gourami

From about 3 weeks ago.

My male apisto showing off

Another shot...Can't tell if that's a female in the back or the other male.

Shot of one of the small males(At least I think it's a male)

Same fish with flash on


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Nice pictures! What are you water parameters, lighting?

How does your P. pulcher get along with the C. cacatuiodes?

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but you may have your amazon sword planted too deeply with some of the gravel between the leaves. If so, the plant will slowly die with the leaves dropping off over time. IME, the plant should be only deep enough so that the gravel level is at the base of the crown, making sure that there is no gravel between the leaves.