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Stocking questions

Discussion in 'Beginners Corner' started by Dante066, Jun 12, 2018 at 8:10 PM.

  1. Dante066

    Dante066 New Member

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    Hello, I'm kinda new to to apistogramma keeping and would like to have some advices. (sorry for my butchered grammar, english is not my first language)

    I had just repaired my tank that had been ignored for almost 5 years. The measurement of the tank are :
    - Length :2 meter
    - Height :80 cm
    - Width: 80 cm

    The tanks will have lots of woods, rocks, caves (made from small rocks). And currently my LFS had several apistos species ready :
    - Apisto agassizii fire red
    - Apisto agassizii double red
    - Apisto macmisteri
    - Apisto cocaktoo

    The tankmates are no problem as I'm sure they can handle the apistos aggressivenes (Barbs and serpae tetra). But I also have a pair of Bolivian rams in there.

    Which apisto are the best for my tank?? My mother wants me to get the double red while I actually prefer the fire red. Can i mix them as they both agassizii species?? And how many can i get? (I planned to get 1 male 3 females for boths of the fire red and double red)

    Your input will be very much appreciated
  2. Mike Wise

    Mike Wise Moderator Staff Member 5 Year Member

    Mar 16, 2004
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    First question: do you want your apistos to reproduce in this tank or be members of a community?

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