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Species for colony?


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I think i posted this question or one similar a while back but now that i'm a bit closer - i'm revisiting. I'm looking for a good species for a 'colony'. The area is 48inch x 30 inch - and my hope is for 3 males and 3 to 6 females. I believe from my list three species i had scope out were megaptera (requires around 82 i think); abacaxis (78); bitaeniata (78).

Part of the reason i'm reposting this is I'm trying to determine if there are other species and if it is specific complex/groups that are a bit more reasonable candidates or if it just comes down to specific species that are less aggressive or require smaller territories. For example abacaxis are in the purlchra complex - so are other species in this complex going to be relative tame ?

I'd like to enlarge my list of candidates in case availability in sept is limited. Also i'm a bit torn on megaptera because of the warmer temps required though that is not a deal smasher. I intended to have 20 or so hatchet fishes and some pencil (probably one of the red species even if they bicker a lot) as tank mates and possible a school of hastatus or pygmy cory.

Not sure if the cory are a bad idea - my experience with pygmy have been that unlike their larger cousins they are much more timid and easily pushed out of areas they are not wanted. I can't say with certainliy they learn to stay away but they definitely learn real fast to stay in 'safer' regions most of the time. If your experience is otherwise please let me know as this is more of an experiment and i can skip them if it is a bad idea.

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