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Rams and Apistos together

Levin Tilghman

New Member
5 Year Member
Can Rams and Apistos be kept and bred together in a large tank? Or are their water chemistry requirements too different for success?

Jonathan Aquair

5 Year Member
They come from very similar water conditions (Low ph, slow moving streams and ponds, low light, etc.), so keeping them in a tank large enough to house them all is no problem. However breeding them in the same tank is another question; In a 4ft + tank you may be able to house two breeding pairs, though I would recommend two separate tanks for the two genueses.....genī....geniī.....whatever.

But if you really want to try, I'd say go ahead. I've been told not to do some risky things when comes to breeding tanks that ended up amazingly.

Best of luck,


Active Member
5 Year Member
It all depends on which Apisto you have in mind. Rams prefer warmer water like over 80F to do well. Most of the more common Apisto. prefer temperature in the low 70s. Rams also are not too fizzy about the water parameters for breeding, I had bred rams in pH of 8. Apisto on the other hand are more demanding on the water parameters even for the more common types.

John M Gray

New Member
I have tried this with 1 male, and 2 female A mcmasteri. The dominant female mcm gave the rams no peace and eventually killed the male ram. this was a 250 litre tank at 76F, ph 6.6, hardness 3dh, nitrate 5ppm. 10 black neons as dither fish. If you try it, I'd watch them very caredully.