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pH probe keeps drying out

Ben Rhau

Apisto Club
San Francisco
Hi all,

I'm using a Hanna 98129. The pH probe has a cap with a well that holds a few drops of storage solution, and I store it upright. However, if left longer than a week or so, the storage solution will wick up along the device and dry out. I can see the salt forming at the edge of the cap. In this case, I rehydrate the probe in storage solution, clean and recalibrate, and it works fine.

Is there a better way to store the probe? It's not common that I need to check the pH. Usually only if I'm adding new fish or changing the parameters of a tank. Therefore, the pH portion of the probe is dormant most of the time. It's advised NOT to allow the pH probe to repeatedly dry out, but unless I set a calendar alarm to replenish the storage solution every week, it's going to happen.
  1. How do you deal with it?
  2. How many drops of the storage solution are you using? I use 5 drops. Perhaps that's too many, and allowing the solution to wick upward?
  3. How do you know when the probe needs to be replaced?


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Goodyear, Az. USA
I've had the same problem. After replacing several probes I changed to an American Marine Pinpoint pH meter for use at home and only use my Hanna when on collecting trips.


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Clarkston, WA
I have a Hanna PH200 meter and keeping the probe hydrated has always been problematic.
The solution I've tried and seems to be working is to fill the protective cap just shy of overflowing. Then I seal the joint with a strip of electricians tape. I don't use my pH meter often but so far so good.

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