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one of my girls


Active Member
hi Gerald. This is one of my NijssenixBaenschi hybrids...I still have several... she is one of the largests. one spot on the right and two on her left side, plus red lines in her caudal and anal fins.


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Hi Gerald! This is the only kind of decent picture of a male that I have. There were very few males, mostly females (probably because of the high pH of my water I guess). I kept two, the one on the picture which died a few months ago and a second one which is small and poorly colored. Still alived.



Fikret Celik

5 Year Member
Congratulations, Karin.

I am surprised that two close-to-close species as Nijsseni and Baenschi babies are this way. The point in the middle of the body, which is the distinctive feature of Nijsseni and Baenschi, is almost uncertain. bu yüzden, So, it looks like a different kind to me, but it's so beautiful.

Good luck with.