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Looking for Apistogramma Eunotus


New Member
I recently came into ownership from an older couple of a female A. Eunotus...but finding anyone with this species seems next to impossible.
Im located in Wisconsin. Im looking for a male and a couple more females.

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
It's hard to guess which "A. eunotus" you have. The true (holotype form) of A. eunotus hasn't been available in the hobby since the 1980s that I know about. There are about a dozen forms/species that have been sold as "A. eunotus". Several of these forms were regularly imported from Peru 20 years ago. The most common one was A. cf. eunotus Orangeschwanz/Orange-tail. Now most come in as contaminants/bi-catches with other species.


New Member
I purchased a pair from Apisto Dave earlier this year but I lost my female and I think he doesn't have anymore, you can email him.