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Ivanacara Adoketa sexing help


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About 5 months ago I purchased a group of 7 ivanacara Adoketa juveniles from my local club. After quarantine I introduced 6 of them to my 75 gallon community tank for grow out (one passed away in quarantine) and possible bonding for a breeding project. After a few months some had grown significantly.

Over the past month I found one at the bottom of the aquarium breathing heavily that passed the following day. My original thoughts were a swim bladder issue till I saw a small one doing the same thing after being chased by a pair for a good 10 minutes straight he passed the following day same as the other. This pair has been chasing all of the other Adoketa to one side of the tank now for about a month I would say. The pair also displays deeper colors and frequently fans each other while swimming in circles around one another. To error on the side of caution I pulled the remaining two Adoketa and placed them in quarantine and pulled the aggressive pair and put them in a 20 gallon breeding tank. Once transferred the pair in the 20 gallon seem to always be very close to one another under the sponge filter and continue to fan or dance with each other but never lip lock. The only time the male in my opinion chases off the female presumably is when it is feeding time.

My question is to more experienced keepers with this species. Does the behavior of the pair stated above reflect traits of a bonding or bonded pair? I have attached pictures of the Adoketa that I believe to be a pair for reference as I cannot tell due to lack of experience with them. Also it seems that both fish have longer ventril fins however one gets much darker than the other.

I appreciate any information I can get as I hope to attempt to breed them.



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Sounds about right to me, looks about right me. Get the pH down, and the protein up and you should be on the way. It always amazed me how much they could eat in the pre spawn/conditioning phase. Best of luck!

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