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Hi from Rome! ;)


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Hi everyone!

My name is Elisabetta and I write from Rome (Italy). First for all,I want to apologize for my english,but I’ll do my best

I want to introduce my tank : is a 120 L tank (31us). The filter is an eheim professional 3.I I have a ph meter with a solenoid valve,and a temperature controller (stc1000) for heating and cooling.

Is a community tank : 12 hyphessobrycon megalopterus (magalamphodus megalopterus); 6 corydoras panda; 7corydoras pygmaeus; 6 otocinclus affinis and 3 apistogramma Borellii (2f and 1m…they are with me from 2 weeks)

Water conditions:

ph 6.8

kh 4

gh 6

no2 0,025

no3 10

po4 1

fe 0,1

temperature 24.5 C

Before this trio,I had a trio of beautiful apistogramma agassizzii.They reproduced different time but finally I had some problem of intestinal worms.I tried to do something but it was too late.

I change 20l every two weeks with ro water and salt (dennerle remineral plus)

Feeding: I tried to alternate the different fodders that I have. Twice a week,I give them vitamin and garlic juice. Once (or more if I have time) a week,fresh vegetable.

That’s it! If you have some advice,I’m here! If you have some tabs (or website) to show me about Borellii,I’ll be very happy…because I found only superficial news about this apistogramma

About plants,I know they aren’t so good but I’m trying to retake the situation after summer. Slowly it’s getting better (as fertilizer I use Dennerle e15-v30-s7)



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Welcome! Those look like very happy and well-loved fish!
"About plants,I know they aren’t so good but ..." Please pardon me for disagreeing with you on THAT statement.


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One more thing ... in the future, please shrink your photos to a smaller size before posting. They take a long time to load for some of us with older computers. I usually make mine about 1000 x 700 pixels, which gives reasonably good clarity and the file size is about 500 to 600 KB.


The South American Apistogramma and Ram seemed to be the best fish for average size tanks... I'm thinking of removing some of my schooling fish and add more Apistogramma or Ram. They are more interesting to watch and more intelligent than the normal schooling fish.


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Oh!!!Sorry!!! I had some problems with my internet line,so I couldn't see your answers!Sorry about that!
The tank is less than 120l!

100cm X 40cm X 30 cm :)

But I'm just thinking about a new bigger tank! :D


Hi Elisabetta,
I noticed that you have Hyphessobrycon megalopterus (Black phantom tetra), do they nip your Borelli fins? Some tetras like to nip at the fins of Borelli. Even the Neon Tetra will nip their fins.

You also mentioned that you have internal worms problems that killed your 3 Agassizii.
Beware of internal worms or parasites that can kill your Apistogramma. These parasites can stay in your tank for a long time and they are hard to get rid of.
I lost most of my Apistogramma to gill flukes that are so hard to get rid of once they get into your tank.
Lastly, you might want to consider another back up filter since you only have one filter. I find that hang on filter is the easiest to maintain.