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Darter tetra


5 Year Member
A sad lack of threads in this section :)
So here's a picture of one of my African darter tetras - Nannocharax fasciatus. A little cutie that hops about on the sand like a wee kangeroo!



Staff member
5 Year Member
I really like this genus of distichodids. I have a single N. parvus that made it back from Gabon, but it is an open water swimmer, not a bottom hopper.


New Member
"A little cutie that hops about on the sand like a wee kangeroo!"

whoa, is that true???
OMG I want to have one, too!

can you also post videos of it hopping? that would be so great :wink:


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5 Year Member
Better late than never. Is that the same fish you posted three years ago? Ever had them spawn in your tank?
Amazing similarity to S.Amer Characidium in pattern and behavior, even though very distantly related.