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Czech fish (and a few wild caught) just in


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New arrivals

Tank Raised

macmasteri Villavicencio
agassizii fire red
agassizii super red
agassizii Husar red tail
cacatuoides Orange flash
hongsloi II
macmasteri red tail
borellii opal red mask (VERY NICE)
cacatuoides triple red
viejita gold (macmasteri)
agassizii blue tail
cacatuoides gold/red
sp. Xingu red lobe
macmasteri Gaitan
viejita II

Nannacara anomola
Dutch blue ram
Latacara dorsigera Brazil

West African
Nanochromis transvestitus
Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigerian Red

Wild Caught
Apistogramma bitaeniata Rio Tigri
Apistogramma hippolyta
Crenicichla sp. Orinoco
Nanochromis parilus

Prices will be posted today (www.aquaticclarity.com)
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