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Can i put Dicrossus maculatus?

Hello. I had previously a 29 gallon tank with 4 dicrossus filamentosus and kept that for a year. I had placed a special order, but once it arrived, I had already set up a new reef tank and sold the 29. i have a space of 28" long and around 16 or so inches wide and tall. Is the biggest tank I can fit in there a 15 gallon? I want to keep a pair of dicrossus maculatus because the store finally got them in and have a nice pair. Do you think this is possible?


Drayden Farci

Active Member
I would say Dicrossus maculatus need a larger tank. They can be very aggressive towards each other from my experience.

Drayden Farci

Active Member
In a 15 gallon tank, many of the non-humongous Apistogramma would be okay. It might be slightly too small for A. cacatuoides in my opinion, but I know it's been done. A. borelli is a good choice considering their size and generally peaceful nature. A. trifasciata is another good shout.


Active Member
With species mentioned, in order of preference I'd go Borellii as first choice. Although Cacatuoides have been easy and succesful for me in similar sized tanks, I've had the odd issue with aggression from brooding females requiring the male to be removed, so spare worth considering. Trifasiata I'd be cautious about, the males aggression can be extreme in my experience and I'd only consider if tank was extremely well structured and you have options to remove one of the fish to a spare tank should major aggression ocurrs. I personally would not consider Dicrossus Maculatus in a 15g.

ok thanks guys for the advice. also, i was thinking of doing a black water biotope. Are there any plants you would recommend just to add some color that come from that region?
also, my fish store has a good amount of species but there are a couple that i don't know if they could fit in a 15. eremnopyge, hogsloi, macmasteria, and viejita red neck. Would any of those work? Also, I never heard of the eremnopyge, are those pretty rare?