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Apistos and Discus Revisited

Matthew Clark

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5 Year Member
I know, I did my duty and read the other subject re: apistos and dicus before posting, but it still didn't quite answer my question. It is as follows:

I have a 29 gallon tank, using RO water, pH below 6, hardness under 1 dgh. I have a.agassizi in there right now, but only a few. I have a few questions:

1. What male/female ratio would you recommend? I wan the apistos to be the main feature of the tank. I also want to breed them.

2. Could I keep a pair of discus for the upper levels? I absolutely love discus!

3. My temp is currently at 80, so I'd have to raise it a bit for the discus. Would the aggies be okay?

Thank you very much!



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You tank conditions are perfect for breeding agassizii.
1. I recommend 1 male and 3 females.
2. Yes, you can keep a pair of discus. They will probably stay high in the tank and not interact too much with the apistos. I love discus too.
3. Raising the temp. should have no ill effcts on the apistos. In fact, it might even spark them to breed.
Good luck, neil


Second response due to server crash. So, if you read it before have patience please.


Your tank sounds like a very good home for discus. While I am not an apisto expert, I have succesfully kept discus for years.

I would like to add a couple of words of caution:

1) In a 29 gal tank, I would only add two adult discus...three at the most. Adults only with mature apistos. Adult discus will not be picked on. Young discus can be a nightmare for first time discus keepers.

2) Be careful when you purchase your discus, that they come from conditions like you describe for your tank. Many retailers and breeders now keep discus in neutral PH, and hard or soft water. I personally keep my 60 gal tank at 7.0 PH. Since I'm not interested in breeding, I never even check my hardness. My discus are among the healthiest and prettiest I've seen.

3) A water temp. of 80 - 82 degrees will work fine for your discus as long as you keep it constant.

4) Healthy adult discus are a truly easy fish to keep...in the right tank. Sounds like your off to a good start. :D

5) One final note. I only change water once a month. But I use an Emperor 400 filter and a TetraTec 280 filter...all for a 60 gal tank. Discus will acclimate to PH and hardness, but not to poor water quality. I change 25% of my water once a month (I have found this helps reduce brown slime algae). But I clean or replace the filter pads with each water change. I also use high quality carbon, and change it monthly also.

Have fun and please post your successes in here for us all to enjoy. I will do so as well. At least as soon as I can get apisto's in Okla.



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discus are my favourite fish, but i would not add any discus to a 29 gal community tank (1 maybe). 2 adults may or may not work out, but it is highly likely it will not. adding one will work, because agression is a big problem with discus in small numbers. imo, if you want to 'get into' discus it shouldn't be on a whim. the smallest number i would keep together is 6, and grow them out in a bb tank with LOTS of water changes (50% per day!). i am presently growing out 50 from fingernail size to dollar size, in a 90 gal tank. the tank is too large (if that's possible) but they will grow like beanstalks i hope. a single discus display tank is quite nice. i had a planted 20 gal with an adult discus with a pair of rams and 8 rummy-nosed tetras for about 8 months and felt it went quite well. trying one discus is a good way to learn about their different needs.

hth, rick