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apisto bitaeniata & cacatuoides


New Member

Hoping someone can help - I have a seed pair of apistogramma bitaeniata and a sexed pair of apistogramma cacatuoide, and would like to breed these. However, running low on tank space, would these be able to go in the same tank? I could use a 60litre tank for them but do not want any causalities first off, and secondly would like to get them breeding.

Please any suggestions would be much appreciated...

Also I help on whether gobies, and ottos in the tank as well would either help/or cause more problems/ tank too small?

Many thanks


5 Year Member
I would say that a 60ltr tank is to small for 2 types of apisto's.

I am also not a fan of gobies in an apisto tank because they require hard, alkaline water and the bitaeniata is a black-water fish.