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Any thoughts on this one?


Only unacounted for fish is Apache or Agassizi orange female. Stripe and body shape is not Apache and tail is not aggie.

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Other than a member of the trifasciata-lineage, which covers most more 'advanced' apisto species there are no diagnostic feature useful for a positive ID. A. paulmuelleri (Apache) is a member of the regani-lineage, so that rule it out. Just curious; what is it about the tail that makes you rule out A. agassizii?


I thought Agassizi had a more spear shaped tail, like my flame red male.

I had a small pair of Agissizi orange from Dave but the male got stuck in a filter and died. This must be the female?? from that pair then.

Thanks again. So much to learn.