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Agassizii Guy


Hi Agiassizii Guy.... Stuart I guess. Welcome to the Apistogramma community. Hope you enjoy it here. Why not reply to this message with a few thoughts on your fish and tanks. We'd love to hear more about you.


New Member
I'm new to apistos, but not new to cichlids. As soon as I saw Agassizii at my LFS, I turned my free 20 Long into a black water tank ( 6.8 ph, 5.6 dh, 81F) and bought two Agassizii. My female died (a lot of fish from that store died) and the LFS had only males after that, so now I have two males and four tetras in a 20 long. No hint of serous aggression and this is definitely my favorite type of fish at the moment. One of the males is an incredibly friendly fish so I'm hoping to breed him at some point but AA are so rare in my area that I'll have to order a female online at some point.

Sean S

New Member
Local fish stores are great in my area and I love to support local small businesses. but sometimes they are not always within my budget. luckily I have found some great people via Facebook groups for local fish/aquarium hobbyists. try seeing if there is a local fish group you can communicate with.
most have been sooo helpful in sourcing plants, fish, and general helpful knowledge.