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A. trifasciata, no location given. Rio Guaporé?


Okay, I stopped in at the shop and asked the owner, and he said the only information he had about the location collected was that it was in Peru. Does that help with the identification?

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
First, A. trifasciata only occurs in the Rio Paraguay and upper Rio Madeira systems of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina. Therefore the owner had/gave you wrong information. Based on the color of the male I would say that it is from the Paraguay system, not the Rio Guapore (part of the upper Madeira). And last, there is no A. maciliense - unless you are referring to Römer's mis-identification of A. sp. Mamore (now scientifically described as A. erythrura) in Cichlid Atlas 1. A. t. maciliense Hasemann, 1911 is a synonym for A. trifasciata from the Guapore system.