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A. Elizabethae male flaring!


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As this section seems rarely used thought I try and ignite a bit a life into it so come all, get some pics of your current Apistos posted!!

Anyway, dispite already having a trio of Lizzys in another tank for quite some time i couldn't resist getting another pair when opportunity knocked a few weeks ago!

They've settled in very well in a 64l 2ft tank, only other occupants are 6 of my favorite dither Microrasbora kubotai. My new male doesn't need any invitation to show off so thought I'd post a few pics of what is still for me one of the best sites in apisto keeping, a male A. Elizabethae fully flared.....

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Really nice elizabethae! Excellent. Thanks for posting and good luck breeding them.


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Thanks Ekona:)

I've had countless spawns in my other Elizabethae tank but only had fry once and they disappeared after one day so hoping for better luck with this pair!

Currently slowly softening their water as Aquatic store I got them from was keeping them in extremely hard water. Fish seemed fine in it to be fair, but zero chance of fry survival.

I'll update if any exciting developments!