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  1. R

    Apistogramma Macmasteri pair, no breeding behavior?

    A few weeks ago I purchased an attempted macmasteri pair (gold form) from an online site, but to my knowledge I don't think im seeing any breeding behavior? They do 'hang out' and swim around each other often, but I don't see behavior that I have seen in the past from other apistos (female...
  2. R

    Female Apisto Aggression

    So I have a long, shallow, planted 16g tank which had a female apisto macmasteri. I used to have a pair but lost the male to an illness but the female survived. The other day, I purchased another apisto macmasteri pair, I figured it would be nice to have a trio. The issue is that since I...
  3. L

    Sexing A.Macmasteri

    Bough what was supposed to be a pair, but Im worried both of them are male. What do you think?
  4. A

    Color change and aggression

    Hi. 1. Has any of you noticed a pattern of when and why apsitos change their black color markings (chromatophores)? I find this very interesting. The two pictures below are tanken a few weeks apart, and show well how my male macmasteri turns his black "on and off". Especially the dot by his...
  5. A

    ID of Apistogramma sold as Viejita

    Hi! I got a beautiful new Apisto yesterday sold as Viejita in my LFS. I've read about the Macmasteri vs Viejita ID issue, and I'm starting to suspect that this is in fact a Macmasteri (at least a hybrid?). I think it is a juvenile male. Is it possible to say considering its coloration and fin...
  6. Ale Kadu

    Need help sexing Apistogramma Macmasteri

    Hello all! I recently bought these two A. Macmasteri. The guy from the fish shop assured me he was selling me a male and a female, but I'm not so sure. Picture A he said was a male: And picture B he said was a female: The Macmasteri in picture B is much smaller, about 2.5 inches while A...
  7. Judgeman

    Thoughts on Macmasteri sex

    Hi, What are your thoughts on the sex of this fish, first 2 photos I took today, 3rd is when I first got it, I was after a male and female (4th pic is a male that i have for sure) however the male is super aggressive and just chases the first constantly. They do tail slap each other but the...
  8. ltadeu

    Apistogramma Macmasteri Weird swimming

    Last Friday 13, I got a couple of Apistogramma Macmasteri. They look awesome but I find a bit weird that the female swims around a bit slanted. They eat fine and the tank is about 3 months old, the parameters are the following: 6.4 pH 6° GH 6° kH 0 ppm Nitrite 10 ppm Nitrate Videos about the...
  9. P

    Opinion about restocking apistos

    I lost the 1 female Macmasteri and 1 the male Agassizii the 40G breeder tank I think might be the Panda Garra that stressed them because he is chasing everyone (he was living on the tank already) so I'm taking him out this weekend. But I have no idea what happened with the male Cacatuoides on...
  10. R

    Apisto Macmasteri Breeding in 30g Community Tank

    Hello all, I recently got a macmasteri pair that I placed in my 30g community tank. The tank currently houses: CPDs Kubotai Rasboras Rosy Loaches Gertrude Spotted Rainbow fish Would the pair be able to successfuly breed/raise fry in this tank with the other fish in this tank? Or would the...
  11. ApistoHongsloi

    How do these 3 month old Macmasteri Redneck look?

    These were born on November 2nd, 2021. They're basically exactly 3 months old. There's currently about 30 in a 20 long. I do multiple feedings a day along with daily 25% water changes. This is my first time breeding macmasteri. Do they look good for their age? They range from about 1.75-2.25 cm.
  12. kgazos

    Apistogramma purchase advice

    Currently I have a pair of Apistogramma Macmasteris and Agassiziis. I want to buy a pair/trio/colony of Trifasciatas. Would you recommend buying mora than 3? Also can I have a trio or a colony of Agassiziis or would it be too many? And if so can any of those Apisto species coexist in the same...
  13. Azbill24

    Macmasteri Color Change

    Hi All, I changed out the gravel in my tanks, thanks to advice here, and my Macmasteri pair have completely changed color ( see the pics). Is this normal and is the lighter color a good sign?
  14. R

    Water Parameters and Stocking

    Hey all, I’ve been wanting to get some apistos for my 30gal (30” x 12” x 18”). My lfs has some red shoulder macmasteri (sold as viejita) but I’m a bit concerned about my water parameters. Currently I’m dealing with pH 7.5, KH 120 ppm, GH 140 ppm. Would that be an issue for the macmasteri, and...
  15. B


    I recently purchased a macmasteri pair and shipping conditions werent great. thinking a possibility could be since the bags had so much air. I know the dead one happened because I found the bag flat and only 1/2 in of water for it to swim :( terrible. So am thinking possibly got damage from...
  16. Macmasteri-ng_It

    New Floridian Member - Macmasteri

    Hello everyone I'm new and I have an apistogramma macmasteri, I got him 6 months ago and we've been learning about each other ever since. While currently setting up a beautiful planted 40 gallon long, I've discovered that I want to recreate a South American biotope. And as I'm branching out in...