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  1. quartz_aquatics

    Apistogramma Borellii Breeding Diet

    I received my proven pair of borellis a week ago and I think they are ready to breed. Ive seen the male being flashy towards to female and he’s been hanging around one specific coconut cave that he keeps trying to lead her to. She looks like she’s been in her breeding colors since the day I...
  2. tanks4allthefish

    Hello everyone

    New to the site, hobbyist/breeders. Also on IG : @tanks4allthefish Thought of sharing some new life for a new account and first post... A.Cacatuoides Parents are III Red and have some Orange Flash genetics.
  3. Z

    Ram and apisto?

    Does anyone know the ability of apistos and rams in the same tank, 30gallon long. Heavily decorated, hardly space to see from one side to the other. Planing to make it more dense, and plenty of caves (from ground to top of water). The tree in the centre is flush side to side, and top to...
  4. R

    Apisto Macmasteri Breeding in 30g Community Tank

    Hello all, I recently got a macmasteri pair that I placed in my 30g community tank. The tank currently houses: CPDs Kubotai Rasboras Rosy Loaches Gertrude Spotted Rainbow fish Would the pair be able to successfuly breed/raise fry in this tank with the other fish in this tank? Or would the...
  5. N

    looking for rare apistos

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking to get a pair of rarer/uncommon apistos. I've looked online a ton but can't seem to find any that really strike my fancy. some of the ones I'm looking into are Apistogramma Elizabethae, Apistogramma Mendezi, Apistogramma kullanderi, Apistogramma Alto Tapiche...
  6. derekw

    Rio Nanay biotope aquarium

    This is my new Rio Nanay biotope aquarium. I have 1 male sunset apistogramma and 6 neon's. Can anyone confirm that this is what my apistogramma is? I notice some electric blue like colouring near the fishes gills when I feed it in the morning. Any feedback is welcome. the tank size is a 20...
  7. R

    Water Parameters and Stocking

    Hey all, I’ve been wanting to get some apistos for my 30gal (30” x 12” x 18”). My lfs has some red shoulder macmasteri (sold as viejita) but I’m a bit concerned about my water parameters. Currently I’m dealing with pH 7.5, KH 120 ppm, GH 140 ppm. Would that be an issue for the macmasteri, and...
  8. kgazos

    WC Atahualpa trio

    Hello it’s my first time keeping apistos and WC fish. I am thinking of buying a trio of atahualpas because their gender cannot be identified yet due to them not being adults. My LFS is very specialized in wild caught fish and very helpful so they gave me a lot of information about this amazing...
  9. M

    How to sex apistogramma borellii?

    Here's my apistogramma borellii, still fairly new to the tank. Can someone help me tell if it's male or female? And how to tell for future reference?
  10. A

    Female cacatuoides not eating

    Hello! This is my first post on any type of fishkeeping forum, so please forgive me if I got something wrong/didn't give enough info. I picked up a pair of subadult apistogramma cacatuoides two weeks ago (male was about 1.5 inches, female was about 1 inch). They both looked very healthy when I...
  11. Bones

    Help with Identification.

    Just had this little girl show up on a new overseas shipment. I believe it's a female. Not sure of the ID. Please can anyone help?
  12. C

    Apistogramma and others for sale

    I have a few apistogrammas for sale as well as a few other cichlids: All fish have been QT'd, are in my possession in Calgary, Alberta and I can ship via WestJet/Air Canada across the country professionally with O2, 3 mil plastic bags and boxes with heat packs. They are fed Ruto frozen foods...
  13. Drayden Farci

    Apistogramma sp. "Green Spot" - Puerto Maldonado

    Hello! Any help ID-ing this fish would be appreciated. Sold as A. sp. "Green Spot" and from Puerto Maldonado. Video is not the best but they appear to be mostly blue-bodied. Fairly obvious caudal spot that spans almost the width of the body at the tail. First few dorsal rays are black in all...
  14. B

    Which Apistogramma

    Hello , My Name is Dennis and I am new here. I am 19 years old and I am currently studying mechanical engineering in Düsseldorf. For the past five years I was keeping some Neolamprologus Multifasciatus but more recently I got interested in keeping and breeding some south american Dwarf Cichlids...