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Panduro Sexing help


New Member
Hello fish friends,

I need some help / insight on sexing these fish

I combed through previous threads to see if I could parse out for myself but came out just as uncertain. I took these 2 x Panduros in from a friend who was exiting the hobby right after getting them himself, they are young. I can't tell if i've got 2 males, 2 females or both. Ideally I'd like a pair. They were housed last week into my community with some diamond tetras / rummy's, a few cory cats and the resident Bristlenose Mr. Raymond Labrosse.

The Panduros are from Aquarists Across Canada, which from my research seems to be a good place to get fish in Canada. They seem to be settling in well, are friendly around each other and other fish and are eating. They are not big.. I guestimate roughly 1.25" and 1.5".

I can try and get more pictures if you think it'd help, I think maybe it's just a little too early? It's my first time keeping Apisto.. always been a Gourami guy.

Ultimately i'm not trying to get them to breed though it be cool if they did, I just want to make sure they live happy lives.

I think they might both be females, but part of me thinks Fish A (the smaller one ~ 1.25") might be a really young not coloured up male.

Fish B is the bigger one and has a small black blotch right on her midsection, I am thinking female? But honestly i have no idea.

Thank you!


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