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Recent content by Kruz

  1. Kruz

    getting baenshi inka 50 f1 any advice?

    How's it going Uberape. Read helps, experience keeping similar fish/cichlids help a lot. IMO whats best is to mimic there natural environment by far the best for any species . Whether or not it's a F0 or a farm fish it will help. Here is some info on another thread that's newer...
  2. Kruz

    Looking for advice

    LOL that's funny Mike. Yeah you can quick freeze them with know problem. It's good for the winter when it's to dame cold and there is no mosquito larvae. I do it with my fishes from time to time. You can do it with dry ice with no problem it only takes about 30 minutes. Just freezing it in your...
  3. Kruz

    A. eremnopyge Rio Itaya F0

    No problem and thanks guys.:) I've been working a lot of overtime, and will have some pictures up soon. It looks like I have 2 males and 2 females now, it's no big deal. They're in an Oceanic 29 gallon biocube for now. I broke down my reef tank not to long a go to get serious about the Apisto's...
  4. Kruz

    A. eremnopyge Rio Itaya F0

    These are some awesome Apisto's. I just got them on Thursday from Discus Origins a fellow member on here. I purchased 1 male and 3 females seem to be doing great, very shy right now. I'll have some pic's up soon after they get more acclimated to there environment.
  5. Kruz

    New Stock list - December 2012

    I got my A. eremnopyge on Thursday. I was very impressed with the quality and packaging of these Cichlids. I was contacted as soon as they were at my door. From my e-mail to my door step took less than 48 hours. Can't ask for much more than that. Thanks again to Discus Origins for the quality...
  6. Kruz

    Amazon Biotope

    I like the root man. the driftwood looks kool. IMO I thank it would look better with out it. Once you add the oak leaves and sand its going to look good.
  7. Kruz

    My 125gal planted community

    Nice man for your first time look bad ass. looking foreword to it.
  8. Kruz

    Looking for advice

    For your tank setup IMO it's great. Sometimes when you have two pair of fish like your cacs, the male can get a little aggressive with each other. This may or may not happen. Away with the flakes, I'm not big on them either. There is some good flake food out there though. For fatty food your...
  9. Kruz

    Build Trend

    Thanks guys hopefully we get more people to like this idea. It would be a great sub-forums. I'm about to do a build my self in the next mouth or two. It would be kool to post it in a Build Trends.
  10. Kruz

    My 125gal planted community

    looks good man you should post some close pic's of it with your fish.
  11. Kruz

    WTB Crenicichla Notopthalmus

    I see them from time to time in Washington not to far away from you, Aquarium paradise in Lakewood WA has them often the number is (253) 584-3474. I use to work for them kool people, its just a fish store. Which is kool as hell big store. And A place for pets Burien WA had some not to long a...
  12. Kruz

    A. allpahuayo A. baenschi U.S.A.

  13. Kruz

    A. allpahuayo A. baenschi U.S.A.

    Hell yeah man definitely one kool city. A very unique/diverse place born and raised:D. I'll post some pic's up soon they just came in today from FL to WA, from Discuss Origins guy hooked me up phat. Man them fish had one long trip bro lol. The pic's will be posted in Apisto's or something soon...
  14. Kruz

    FS Apistogramma Eremnopyge aka Strawberry - NY

    Thanks man its no problem.
  15. Kruz

    A. allpahuayo A. baenschi U.S.A.

    Good old Pierce county. Kool man I got some friends from Stadium good party school Bro. 84 man that's when Tacoma was rough if you know what I am saying ;). Yeah I've checked them out, they're great. I'll just drive to the Wetspot and pick them out my self but its like 300 mile round trip. I...