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Recent content by Dzo

  1. Dzo

    Keeping large numbers of apistos to work with

    I had them in the way Ted and Mike explained, bare tank and lots of fish. I would recommend at least 12+ fish depending on species since in smaller numbers the smallest and weakest fish tend to suffer a lot. But I also had them in a very, very planted aquariums also very crowded and this seems...
  2. Dzo

    Hello Parisian man :) I was trying to register on the Franc cichlid site but got some problems...

    Hello Parisian man :) I was trying to register on the Franc cichlid site but got some problems. I saw You selling Enigmatochromis and I am very interested...I could be a bit dificult since I am from Serbia but I have a contact in Paris and hope that it is not urgent for You to sell the fish...
  3. Dzo

    Apistogramma sp 'Kelleri'

    Ok rage man sorry if you feel insulted but here is my answer. I have never sold any fish or any object related to Aquariums in 20 years (since started this hobby and bread my first cichlids) . But in numerous ocasions the offspring or breading pairs of my fish ware taken as a gift to friends...
  4. Dzo

    Apistogramma sp 'Kelleri'

    I would never do such a thing... Progress you say... What is a progress by your standards? Is it creating sick fish and abominations? People who think this way act only negative to the fish like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inbreeding#Results Progress ... just say money, we can...
  5. Dzo

    Apistogramma sp 'Kelleri'

    It suprises me that you plan to inbreed them... When I started to read this thread I was so glaid... There are no mouthbroading apistos in my country. And as a big enthysiast am looking forward in their number increasing so maybe some day I could also get them... Now I don't think that...
  6. Dzo

    Fry and artemia

    Thanks Mike, That is good news because I was woried about the size of their mouth... I had spawns of larger cichlids but not this small size.
  7. Dzo

    Fry and artemia

    Wriglers wrigling on the rock :))))) Also took some decapsulated artemia from friend today.
  8. Dzo

    Fry and artemia

    My Nannacara Anomala spawned on early Sunday morning or Saturday evening... I was out that night so I am not sure :) I didnt seee the eggs but based on the behaviour of the male and absence of female I knew it was there, so imediately I put easylife multicura around one drop per two liters...
  9. Dzo

    black spots on crenicichla compressiceps

    I have noticed the black spots developing on my pair of Nannacaras... Has it been discovered or understood what makes them appear?
  10. Dzo

    Live from the Amazon jungle: First catches in 2010

    Great Mike... :) Make as many pictures as You can. I am sure We all enjoy looking them...
  11. Dzo

    Gabon 2011!

    Jealous :) Hoping of a nice log with pictures from the trip...
  12. Dzo

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Thanks Big Foppa :) it means a lot... I will contact them... I hate inbreeding fish so it will be quite a task finding wild fish or fish from two sources...
  13. Dzo

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Thanks Tom and Mike ... My German is much, much worse than English ... but I will try...
  14. Dzo

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Hello everyone, I was hoping if someone is from Zurich and/or knows where could i find some Apistos... I am going on a trip there in few weeks so I would appreciate every contact . Thank You
  15. Dzo

    Hello Rolo , I have sent You a mail on [email protected] I dont know if that is Your real...

    Hello Rolo , I have sent You a mail on [email protected] I dont know if that is Your real mail address. Dzo aka Nik