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Tank Setup question


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Hey all, I currently have a 40 breeder with rummy nose tetra, neon tetra, a Bolivian ram, and a male A. trifasciata. I am interested in getting a male A. agassizii blue flame. The trifasciata is kind of a jerk and I don't think he'd like another male apisto in the tank with him. I was considering getting an opaque tank divider and basically splitting the 40 breeder in half creating two 18"x18"x16" (L/W/H) "tanks" each being 22.4 gallons. The water volume isn't a huge issue as the divider would have holes in it allowing for the transfer of water, and each compartment would have it's own heater and filter. I've done some research and it appears that A. agassizii and A. trifasciata can tolerate the same/similar water parameters.

My question is: is a split 40 breeder enough footprint for each apisto?


My question is: is a split 40 breeder enough footprint for each apisto?
you're chilling, just get a female, adding more males will add more complications and you might get to see some nice territorial behavior from them. I've kept a trio of cacatuiodes in a well structured 10 gallon tank with no problems. As soon as I typed this I knew that my death is near from all the people on this forum but I'm breeding tons of apistos no problem.


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I agree with anewbie: For temporary holding the leftover footprint would be acceptable, but that's it. The volume is irrelevant for the space question, the upper third will basically not be used. Also you have other fish in that tank which would need more space as well. The way you describe it you'll end up with a Mikrogeophagus together with one of the Apistogramma. 2 dwarf cichlids is too much for that small space.

Either setup another tank, rehome some fish or leave it is the more reasonable solution.

Adding a female is not a solution. A brooding female Apisto is easily able to push back the whole stocking of the tank into a corner, which may cause high stress levels, disease outbreaks and losses.

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