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separating 4 juvenile ivanacara from a pair today and not looking forward to it.


so my Ivanacara head m and f paired and laid eggs and now I have the nigh impossible task to evacuate the other 4. My problem is that the females when colours are off are the same size as the sub males and almost indistinguisable from each other; so when i bag them i cant tell who's who. My plan is to usher the female into a lemonade plastic bottle with her eggs on stone as lure then once ive sep[erated her the rest should be easy. but ive only got 2 hours to do this so I'm not looking forward to the chaos and potential failure. i should have put the bottle in last night so they arent as wary but i forgot.


eh was quite easy. I made a divider out of cardboard and covered with tarpaulin which was kind of ok but reminds me i should have a plastic divider as i had to weight it down with a bamboo stick wedge. but yeah it worked the male was like sheepdog keeping everybody to one side and with the divider down it was easy. I feel bad im taking them to LFS but if anyone is near dunfermline the fishkeeper will have a guaranteed pair of Ivanacara. from 07/07/2023


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I presume that is scottland - so i'm only 4000 miles away.... long walk even if i could walk on water with my magic boots ;)

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