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Hello from France


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First of all, I want to wish a happy new year to everyone !

I've been interested in Apistos for a while, but just recently bought some. I started with a pair of A. trifasciata (store-bought), but the female never ate any of the food that I tried to give her, be it frozen, pellet or live and unfortunately passed away a month after I brought them home... I had trouble finding another female, and while at a local expo I came across some A. borellii. So I ended up getting a pair of them about a month ago. While looking for more info on this species, I came upon this forum and decided to join.
I'm originally from France, and live near Paris at the moment. But I also lived for 10 years in the US when I was younger. I've always been interested in animals in general, and got my first tank a few years back. Mistakes were made along the way, but I now have two tanks that are doing well. The first one is a 15 gallon which currently houses my pair of Apistos + about 20 Corydoras pygmaeus and 1 lone surviving Ember Tetra. And the second is an 8 gallon cube with some Red Cherry shrimp at the moment. I had temporarily also

The goal in the short/mid-term is to make this 15g a species specific tank for my Apistos. The corys will be moved to a bigger tank dedicated to loricariidaes.

A pic of the tank as it sits today. Not the prettiest, but the plants are mostly healthy (some with holes in their leaves, and a little bit of hair algae) and the parameters are stable.


And a pic of my 8g, which temporarily housed my A. trifasciata untill I found somewhere to rehome him last week :



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Hi Mike,
Thanks you ! Yeah, he is pretty good looking, and I think he knows it, too ^^.

What I really like about this species of Apistogramma is that they seem more peaceful than other species.

Although, I regularly see thé female (and sometimes even the male) chasing the last Tetra. Maybe it's the colors, and they think it's another female ? Because they don't do this with the corydoras.

Anyway, I'll create a topic for my tank ASAP.

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