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Coming in from Below Water (Oliver Lucanus)


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Stoughton, WI
I have made a test order from Below Water (Oliver Lucanus) in Canada to get some of the species he has that we have an impossible time getting here in the USA. I will not know the pricing until I see the total overhead, but they will be pricier than fish imported directly into the the USA... but that does not happen. I have tried, and after the last attempt have decided to try this. What does the additional cost of fish from Oliver get us?
  • Quarantined fish that are conditioned and acclimated to harder water
  • Correct ID and accurate collection localities
  • Access to the fish without having to purchase far more than the USA market can absorb
  • Lower losses due to poor shipping and shipping stress
Here is what is coming in. They will be added to my price list sometime over the weekend:

Apistogramma macmasteri - type locality - Mozambique, Columbia
Corydoras araguaiensis - Rio Araguaia, Brazil
Congochromis cf. sabinae - Mbandaka, Congo
Crenicichla regani - Rio Araguaia, Brazil
Distichodus teugelsi - Lefini, Dem. Congo
Distichodus noboli - Lefini, Dem. Congo
Nanochromis cf.parilus - southern black line 'parilus' - Bas, Congo
Nanochromis parilus - the real species! Bas, Congo
Nanochromis splendens - yellow fin nanochromis - Kinganga, Congo
Nanochromis splendens - yellow fin nanochromis - Louzi, Congo
Odontocharacidium aphanes - hummingbird tetra - Nanay, Peru
Steatocranus cf. gibbiceps - southern gibby - Kinganga, Congo
Steatocranus spec. Brown Pearl - Louzi, Congo
Steatocranus spec. - a red eye type - upper Congo
Steatocranus spec. 'Slender' - Kinganga, Congo
Tylochromis lateralis - red shoulder - Malebo Pool, Congo


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I have made a test order from Below Water (Oliver Lucanus) in Canada to get some of the species he has that we have an impossible time getting here in the USA.

Great, Ted, hope it works out. If folks want to see what some of these species look like they can view Oliver's Facebook page. He has many species nicely photographed and in healthy condition and full color.

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The Shrimp Pimp wrote on fredmir1's profile.
Hi Fred, do you have any apistos for sale? I'm looking for Apistogramma trifasciata. I'm about an hour and a half from Mtl.