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building a custom tank


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hi my name is Dirk I have kept apistogrammas in the past but in 30 inch tanks. then I went to larger tanks and fish. doing something a little bit different this time. I’m having a custom 140 gallon built peninsula style 66Lx24Wx20H with a sump 48x18. I want to load it with small fish. I plan to start up the tank with 30 green neons while safely decreasing the PH by 0.2 per day, and after a month add 30 tetra of a different family, after add some marble hatchetfish, and then maybe a dozen apistogrammas last. in my photo is the sweet centerpiece for the tank yes it will fit the tank is eurobraced so no center brace. I have more driftwood and slate to scatter around with pool filter sand. will use many Anubias and Bucephelandra and moss. what apistogramma would do best in a tank like this? I’m not trying to breed or save anything if they do end up breeding. I just want a natural looking setup. a living room tank. In the past I have enjoyed the colours and behaviours of agassizii family the most. I think I want larger this time, but they’re all within about a quarter inch.

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