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Black mosquito larvae

Mike Wise

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Please, a bit more civility. Otherwise I will have to close this, something I have never done in 10 years as a moderator.

Now, if only I could get black mosquito larvae frozen and in bulk. This is something I saw in Norway back in 2005.


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Hi all,
No. That company uses the same technique used to preserve milk and other foods to preserve the larvae.
That one.

Apologies to every-one, this whole thread has been a comedy of errors.

I should have realised that UHT was "ultra heat treated" and that the Mosquito larvae were dead and weren't going to zig-zag from surface to bottom and back.
Now, if only I could get black mosquito larvae frozen and in bulk. This is something I saw in Norway back in 2005.
I'm going to guess that Mosquito larvae aren't often in collectable quantities in the way you get chironomids ("Blood-worm") at sewage farms.

I would like to know how they collect their Mosquito larvae before I'd use them, as I don't use frozen blood-worms, but I will, happily, use ones I've ranched myself.

cheers Darrel
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Ben Rhau

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Now, if only I could get black mosquito larvae frozen and in bulk. This is something I saw in Norway back in 2005.
It's hard to imagine a company in the US growing mosquitos on purpose. I occasionally see company listings for frozen midge larvae (glassworms/"white" mosquito larvae) but I've never actually been able to purchase it.

I'm skeptical about the UHT product. The larvae are preserved in a "special liquid formula." I would imagine a lot of the nutrients diffuse into the liquid, and you'd need to rinse them in order to avoid polluting your tank. Not sure how much nutrition is left after that.

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I am Hanzle from Holland and keep apistoos for 40 years. Had my own aquarium shop from 1984 till 1988. Always s great fan from apistoos and hyphessobrycon which is s great combination in a Community Aquarium. Perhaps.....in the near future I start breeding apistoos again. Have a 400 liters Community aquarium for hyphessobrycon wadai and apistogramma biteaniata.
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