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Apistogramma sp. Putumayo

Drayden Farci

Active Member
There appears to be two species in this batch, and I'm concerned with the one that doesn't look like A. barlowi. Wild caught from Peru, they have a few small bands below the lateral line, and there are what looks like two small caudal fin spots that have joined at the base. Any ideas?


Drayden Farci

Active Member
(Can't edit my original post? Sorry for double-posting but must be a glitch)

Looks to me like the fish are A. sp. Putumayo, unless there is a new name for them. They match the photographs from 4 years ago by a member here. I assume the large one is A. barlowi.

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
The video is not good enough (few actually are) for identification. It does look like a regani-group species.