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Recent content by yukondog

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    Removing Fry from parents?

    I like to leave the fry with the females for a few weeks unless large breeding is what you want, I have no problem removing the fry other than they are a royal pain to catch.
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    Removing Fry from parents?

    I would leave them in the tank with the parents, the fry grow like frozen molasses. I have never breed more than one pair in the tank at the same time, with macmasteri, hongsli and borellii when the female is ready to lay again they always eat the fry unless I remove the male. Good luck and let...
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    Cacatuoides Fry Instructions

    Mine [Macs.] dont seem to like the cyclops, but they do love [live and frozen] mosquito larva, with ground shrimp pellets and powdered flake food to transition them over to flake food, I have two batches that are about 12 weeks old and there little pigs if it goes in the tank they try to eat it.
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    Top tip for encouraging new dwarf cichlids to feed

    I had the same problem with a batch of Cacs. I just received, the best thing I found that works is live mosquito larva, after about a week I put some in today and they went crazy trying to get them all.
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    bitaeniatas all around (sorry, might be image heavy)

    I have three Borellii females doing the same thing, all three laying eggs and getting the brooding yellow but no male.
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    Moving bonded panduro to another tank

    If the silicone is wearing/coming off are you going to reseal the tank? About the male, I must not have seen the first post about the 5 spawns.
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    Agassizii issues. Please help!

    Sorry all three of them have problems all at once, if nothing else is in the tank with them why not just use the tank there in as the hosp. tank?
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    F1 apistogramma Viejta juvies - Porto Gaitan

    I just picked up 9 of them, they definitely grow slower than the Macs.
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    corydoras pygmaeus in my female ivanacara adoketa's mouth

    Sounds great, look for secondary infection.
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    I keep mine about 77-80 at all times and have know issues with them, it 28 tonight and have Hongsloi on fry and Macs. wanting to breed now.
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    Moving bonded panduro to another tank

    do you think you may have another male?
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    Thank you

    For the BD wishes 63 now and cortachy more than before, the wife calls me a old curmudgeon.
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    Guppies as dither fish

    I use them and the parents wont let them eat the fry, but I never see any guppy fry in any of mine, the parents make them snacks.
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    Cacatuoides Fry Instructions

    So right now there still feeding on the yoke sack, if you dont have any brine shrimp eggs to hatch now would be a good time to get some, I normally start feeding live baby brine shrimp at about 3-4 days they might not be able to eat it yet but it's there for them every day until they can...
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    Female in hiding too long?

    I've had Hongs. stay in the cave 11 days before ever seeing her and the fry, I would give a few more days, like Mike said get your BBS started and let some gently flow into the briars. Good luck