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  1. Ttw

    5 gallon tanks for pair breeding?

    I got my apistos from Fontaine back in the day. Also used the techniques he recommended so I too have bred apistos in 5 gal tanks. Still do in a pinch.
  2. Ttw

    Fish Collecting Questions

    I agree with most of what Mike says. I would consider a Puerto Maldonado based trip since the apistos you would get there are never available otherwise. An Iquitos based trip offers a lot as well. Make certain you are informed about the facilities available for holding the fish and what...
  3. Ttw

    pH probe keeps drying out

    I've had the same problem. After replacing several probes I changed to an American Marine Pinpoint pH meter for use at home and only use my Hanna when on collecting trips.
  4. Ttw

    ID help

    A. caetei was my guess.
  5. Ttw

    ID help

    This is an Apisto I had decades ago. I never could identify it positively. What do you think?
  6. Ttw

    two questions in one - Geophagus sp. Alto Sinu condition for keeping and wc gbr

    I collected Rams in Venezuela. Three collection sites. Ph 6.4, 6.7, 5.8 TDS 90 ppm, 110 ppm, 30 ppm Temp 86°F, 91°F, and I did not get the temp of the third site. The wild Rams we get now are from Colombia but these water parameters give you some idea of the water they live in.
  7. Ttw

    Apisto Fan from long ago.

    Good to have another ex ASG membr on board.
  8. Ttw

    Apistogramma in 9 gallon fluval flex

    You are not the only one who uses small tanks.
  9. Ttw

    Re-location to Peru, Dwarf cichlid queries

    In that area I collected A. luelingi, urteagai, and rubrolineata. Some of the urteagai were very striking. I don't ever see these fish offered for sale. Don't have any idea about commercial aspects.
  10. Ttw

    a. Hoignei - any tips or tricks?

    I collected A hoignei at two locations. Location A: pH 5.4 TDS 20ppm Temp 84 degrees Location B: pH 7.3 TDS 10ppm Temp 81 degrees
  11. Ttw

    Why are Apistogramma steindachneri unpopular ?

    In the 1980's I bought steindachneri that were called wickleri. They were larger than the more common steindachneri. Also I believe they came from Guyana, Venezuela, and Surinam.
  12. Ttw

    Black mosquito larvae

    Yes, UHT is a brand. They are the only black mosquito lavae that I can find to purchase. I have collected mosquito larvae but was looking for a more consistent source.
  13. Ttw

    Black mosquito larvae

    Does anyone have any experience feeding black mosquito larvae from UHT?
  14. Ttw

    Fish colors

    Not all the fish lose their color over the same time period. In some it has taken several generations while others lose colors significantly in F1. Interesting information on color vs iridescence.
  15. Ttw

    Fish colors

    I manage generations by trying to pick the best looking parents as breeders. Since almost all the fish I have were collected by me there are not a lot of fish to enrich the gene pool. But this does not seem to be genetic since the color changes occur fairly quickly. I think it is environmental...