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  1. tobocrs

    I'm looking for some Sunsets -- Apistogramma atahualpa. An earlier post of yours had some for...

    I'm looking for some Sunsets -- Apistogramma atahualpa. An earlier post of yours had some for sale: ancient history or still valid?
  2. tobocrs

    looking for someone who is breeding dwarf cichlids I the Arzoina area

    I, too, am attempting to raise Apisto in Arizona , but I don't have any available to sell. I have a few extra A. borelli, but none of my cacatoides, mcmasteri or agassizi have spawned for me yet. I did just discover 4 tiny albino bristlenose from my super-red tank, but they're only a few...
  3. tobocrs

    We have eggs what now?

    I agree with regani: no food needed until the yolk sacs are absorbed, then a pipette of bbs 3-4 times a day is perfect. About the gourami: can you rig a tank divider? I remember that the ones commercially available are for the 20 long, but there are plenty of DIY solutions online
  4. tobocrs

    My Apistogramma collection

    Do you sell any of your gorgeous hongsloi, Champ?
  5. tobocrs


    Wow! Hope my juvies grow up to look JUST like that! And to breed like that, to! Thanks, Dwarf, for the pics!
  6. tobocrs

    Aquarium Photography Tips from Nikon

    Thanks for the link — yes, it worked fine for me first time — and I just ordered rubber lens hoods for both my cameras! Watch out, apistogramma.com, sexy cacatuoides photos coming soon!
  7. tobocrs

    Apistogramma Masken for sale or trade

    Is that you with the A. masken for sale on AquaBid? #1374882748? If so, are you still selling them here, as well?
  8. tobocrs

    First DWARF Cichlids

    Hello, forum, I'm Tim from Arizona, and I just bought my first Rams - 6 German Blues from AquaBid. I've had aquariums forever, including Cichlid tanks in the distant past, but just discovered apistos and rams, and decided to add some to my Angel tanks. A pair of my angels are spawning right...