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  • Jaun I need some A. cacatuoides females any color strain. I have a few different Males.

    I think there was but I had my eyes on the borelli's the whole time Hey woodpeckah did you see any. congrats I hope they come through for ya. I just seperated a pair in a twenty high they laid once before but there was a couple of females in there and they failed let's see if they pull it of this time.
    Hey Jaun when you went to Atlantis did you see any A. caetei ? A guy in the sell section said he seen some there.
    Hey Max,

    I ran into you yesterday at Atlantis. My steindachneri just spawned, the female is bright yellow and she's guarding a cave. Let's hope something good comes out of this!

    Good talking to you. See you around

    Hey Jaun
    I didn't see the messages you sent me until now. Any time you want to send me a message send it to my email > [email protected]
    Are you going to our meeting Wednesday night 7:30 I will be there.
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