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    hi from sydney

    And there is a few from Australia too. There is also a guy in Sydney who is breeding a fair few nice apistos, just to tempt you further......
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    Apisto Elizabethae

    They have been in Sydney before and an old apistophile Thomas in Sydney had some success with these fish. I can't help with the fair price question - I think it is high, but they are not common so..... Persoanlly I have access to a great shop up here in Brisbane who indulges all my needs.
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    Two bigger experts han me have said female...... I think boy due to lack of defined black particularly on the ventrals and too much blue hue throughout the fish. One thing for sure - put them together and you will soon findout.
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    I think you are unlucky - looks like a boy to me...
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    Ap. guacamayo

    At last one I know - Apistogramma "fresa" is Apistogramma eremnopyge - but I prefer Fresa or Apistogramma "strawberry" - cause I can pronounce those words..... Great fish - mine tend to be a bit shy.
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    ID Assistance please

    Steph, I feel bad having put you on to these fish that I saw them on the weekend and did think the ID was not quite right with the female in colour dress. I didn't think to let you know and am sorry. They are very nice fish and surprisingly quiet with fry towards each other.
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    Apistogramoides pucallpaensis

    Why am I up Pete .... welll ...... Most engineers tend to have a wife and a mistress. The wife assumes you are with the mistress. The mistress assumes you are with the wife. And both leave you alone so you can get some work done ......... I guess 4 kids has an affect too - so quiet while they...
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    Water Question

    Roof is tile - tank is plastic - closed with a small opening. tank has been in place about 1 year.
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    Water Question

    Testing my water from my rain water tank I observed the following: pH 7.2 KH 30 mg/L GH 20mg/L I cannot understand how soft water can have a neutral pH and hold it so well. Please explain? Steve
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    WTB: Apistos Australia

    Kandee, Look up Fishchicks on the southside - she has all you could possibly want and can get any Apisto you want. If you can wait a couple of weeks over on the QLD forum a few of us are looking to get together on the weekend of the 16th - cup of coffee - apisto chat and then shopping.
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    Apisto ID

    Hi Mike, The only ID locality ID for these fish is Columbia (narrows it down a little?) Does this question the broad black caudal stream ID? I have not bought this species but have asked the people who hae to keep an eye on the lateral line of displaying males/ females in the hope...
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    Some ID's

    Hi Mike, You will have noticed that in the same order the Apsitogramma "Inka" are listed as well as the Apistogramma baenchi "diamond". This is not surprising. I have seen one of the lists they order from and they have multiple names for the same fish. I take it that as these are wild fish...
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    Clever idea

    Great idea - thanks.
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    Slow growth rate must have something to do with it - you gotta be dedicated to breed them, whereas anyone will breed cacatoides.