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Recent content by Garri Ausmus

  1. Garri Ausmus

    Is Fry Death Normal?

    I feed my fry once a day with brine shrimp. once they grow enough to eat crushed flake i put them on it. Fry will be poisoned by what they put in our water so i don't do water changes on newborn fry tanks just fill the evaporation with water that has sat in jugs at least 3 days. I am in trouble...
  2. Garri Ausmus

    How to start breeding in hard water?

    I have gotten both species to spawn monthly. The trick i used was to study the fish and found their secret. spawn maybe once a year at 80 degrees F and produce nothing but males. The best temp to spawn them to get even female to male is 72 degrees F. I simply removed my heaters from their tanks...
  3. Garri Ausmus

    Female cacatuoides?

  4. Garri Ausmus

    Apisto Cacatuoides

    my pair is an X2 male and an X4 female. She is smaller and has shorter rays on her dorsal and tail. Here are a few pictures that may help. If you plan on spawning them drop the tank temp to 72, if you spawn them at 80 you will get mostly males. Mine didn't spawn until i removed the tank heater.
  5. Garri Ausmus

    I love my Apistos

    I have switched to CARES fish, 9 species. I have a colony of hongsloi reds and a pair of agassizzi that dont seem to be a pair. I sold all my cockatoos and lost my bitaneatas. I am sorry i changed up a lot here and am doing a lot more with Victorian and central americans.
  6. Garri Ausmus

    A. Cacatuoides sexing/breeding questions

    I agree with Mike on this one, juvies also are tough to sex as the are so similar but he is correct about the pointed or rounded fins. here are pictures of my pair, the first two are the female and the last is my male
  7. Garri Ausmus

    I love my Apistos

    22 isnt enough?
  8. Garri Ausmus

    I love my Apistos

    What am I missing that every Apisto lover should have?
  9. Garri Ausmus

    I love my Apistos

    . Hello I am Garri from Colorado and i am breeding Apistogramma Cacatuoides, Hongsloi red, Bitaeniata, and Agassizii.
  10. Garri Ausmus

    Hongsloi Red

    My boy is up in the front corner again with nice color showing. I wonder which female he spawned with this time?
  11. Garri Ausmus

    Apistogramma cacatuoides polychromatic

    middle of this vid is both Cac fry batches together in their 55 gallon grow out tank. salt and pepper sand
  12. Garri Ausmus

    Cacatuoides in a 29?

    at about one month old the males start to show sex to parents and the males eat males. i took him out first night out free swimming fry. I left the female in because their tank was a bit of a mess. she took all the fry back into the apisto house every night. an hour after lights out i turned on...
  13. Garri Ausmus

    Cacatuoides in a 29?

    yes my Cacs stay in room temp tanks, the fry also. my pair came from a friend that had been trying for months, my first spawn was in weeks. It also seems the male to female ratio is effected by temp also.
  14. Garri Ausmus

    Cacatuoides in a 29?

    Hongsloi reds on their second spawn now. I love my Apistos just as much as my neolamps.