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Recent content by Bilbo

  1. Bilbo

    Mikrogeophagus ramirezi sex male or female ?

    Im with group that say they are two females. The 1st is 100% female the second I'm 75% sure its a female.
  2. Bilbo

    Suggestion about filter

    I have become a huge fan of Sunsun over the last few years. I would pick one over an Eheim now because they are heaps cheaper, do a fantastic job and are almost silent but for a tank that small I wouldnt use a canister at all. I think a single sponge filter would be fine or just keep the small HOB.
  3. Bilbo

    Making a new 4 feet tank for Apistogramma

    Sounds very cool and I would love to see it set up as well. Just a thought, you are going to have a huge amount of water movement unless you are careful. The two filters you listed move about 2400 lp/h between them and your tank is about 300 litres. I think you would easily get away with just...
  4. Bilbo

    My Apistogramma agassizii

    Lovely fish Joe. I just scored 2 males too. Swapped for a bunch of my females. (I only ever seem to get females when I spawn agassisi)
  5. Bilbo

    Apisto Tankmates?

    Tetras are great tank mates but are not fry friendly. The pencils are supposed to be less likely to eat young but even those will eat if the opportunity presents itself. I have used Otto s in breeding tanks with success and some of the tiny Rasbora should be ok I would guess but I think keeping...
  6. Bilbo

    Apistogramma cacatuoides.Wild Form ?

    I believe that these fish (or the parents of them) were imported originally by that seller at least 6 years ago Dan,. He was responsible for the biggest import of apistos into New Zealand probably ever. As problematic as some of his auctions are, he may well of rescued the apisto hobby here. I...
  7. Bilbo

    Marina breeding box

    I always think of guppies and platys when I look at those boxes. This is just my opinion but Apistos live at the bottom mostly and even the tiniest fry will go down into the sand or gravel to hunt down tiny bits of food so for me I would not use one. I hope all goes well for you though.
  8. Bilbo

    New Software for Apistogramma.com!

    Very cool. Took a few minutes to figure it out but it looks like it should work well. Good job
  9. Bilbo

    Apistogramma cacatuoides - Fry tank setup

    I would leave the substrate in. Where possible I always have sand or gravel in any grow-out tank. They seem to do much better. Other than that good food often and clean water often and you should do well.
  10. Bilbo

    fish for PH 5.0-5.9

    As above. Get your water tested. Those corys should be fine in low pH, it shouldn't kill them in two days anyway. I have kept bronze ones in my apisto fry tanks at < 5.5pH Also find out what else is going on with your water parameters. If your pH is dropping that much then its likely that...
  11. Bilbo

    What's your most wanted Apisto?

    For the sake of neatness I will pick on the B's A. borrellii A. bitaeniata A. baenschi
  12. Bilbo

    Bugs in my Grindal Worms...

    I use scourer pads for grindal worms. No soil or dirt of any sort and never have any bugs.
  13. Bilbo

    Apistogramma Trifasciata ID help

    For my money that’s a female trifasciata. The fry and juveniles I have are showing signs of being males at around 20mm.
  14. Bilbo

    Fish you wish you had again

    A. bitaeniata. My favorite fish ever. I believe I was the last to breed them in NZ but I never got any females and couldnt breed them again so they died out. A. panduro. I had some of the last fry and my mate had the last pair but they all died. A. borellii. The rumor is that an importer tried...
  15. Bilbo

    Fry tank setup?

    I never use bare bottom tanks either for fry. Sometimes I will move the fry to a bare bottom tank when they get to 20mm (3/4 inch) stage if I want to really boost growth but mostly I just leave them in an established tank. I get lower mortality rates, better quality and colour that way.