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    LOTS of Apistos in Stock

    I just updated my instock list at www.aquaticclarity.com Lots of Apistos in stock as well as other South American dwarf cichlids and even some West African dwarf cichlids.
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    Fish room images

    Short Tanks: 1) more tanks on the wall 2) cuts down on aggression by limiting the line of sight-the aggressive fish, often the dominant male, can't gain a longer line of sight by moving up in the water column. These means that leaf litter in the tank provides plenty of safe hiding spots and I...
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    Fish room images

  4. aquaticclarity

    Fish room images

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    Apistogrammas Online

    www.aquaticclarity.com located near Milwaukee, WI
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    New genus of West African cichlid

    VERY similar but I believe how the eggs are laid is different. Pelvicachromis eggs are laid tightly against the cave surface while Enigmatochromis eggs are on extended threads, they actually wave at you with the mildest of water movement! Enough of a difference to a separate genus (although...
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    Buying Pelvicachromis Subocellatus 'moanda'

    I'll see if I have any extra males but I think I'm slightly female heavy. Are you in the US?
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    WC Apisto. kullanderi pair starting at $1!!!

    Less the 24 hours to go!
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    Odd Apisto for sale.. !!!

    Here's another auction that started Monday at $1!!! http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwapisto&1507591662
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    WC Apisto. kullanderi pair starting at $1!!!

    1" unsexed versue 3"+ paired
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    WC Apisto. kullanderi pair starting at $1!!!

    Here is you chance to get a pair (1 male and 1 female) wild caught Apistogramma kullanderi (sp. Gigas) for just $1 including shipping! At least that is where the auction is starting. Or, head to my web site and contact me to buy a pair directly (list is $1000/pr)...
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    Quick Hi

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Borellii or blue steel?

    I'd say female, but it's not a borellii. More pictures of the fish, especially at more of a straight on angle at the side of the body, would help though.
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    emails from Apistogramma.com

    Thanks Mike! Sorry I didn't have time this morning to tackle any of that.
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    South American Dwarf Cichlids in Stock

    Thanks Mike! I know we talked about this a few years back but I couldn't remember which sp. these were. I'll compare some pics and make the correction tonight.