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Splash Tetra ID and aggression issue


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Just an update on my end. I wound up rehoming 5 of the males(the 5 most aggressive), leaving me with 4 fish. 1 that is male and 3 that appear to be female. I lucked out and the shop I took them to decided to keep them as shop pets in one of their beautiful large display tanks, instead of trying to sell them. Last I checked on them, they seemed to be doing well in their new home.

The difference in the tank was immediate. The females, which previously would mostly hide amongst plants, now actually swim about the tank. While the 4 of them still sometimes squabble a little, they are no longer damaging each others' fins or going after other fish in the tank. I even spotted two of them spawning tonight, so I think they are much happier as well.

@jmacaddy36 if the 3 in your tank are still fighting, you may want to see if separating one of the males helps, even if only temporarily. You just might get a happy pair out of the 2. Best of luck!


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Very often, in the USA, the best way to find any Copella are as by catch among a group of Nannostomus.
Usually only a few specimens and good luck hoping you will find some more somewhere else so having to begin with but a few is our best option. This once happened to me and I found just three https://tomc.no/fish.aspx?fishIndexID=1797&gruppeID=5.
Mine spawn while sharing a tank with an Aphyosemion spp. The few fry seemed a little odd and small. They grew fast and it was clear they were juvenile Copella.
I set out to spawn my small group in a half filled 10 gallon tank. The bottom was carpeted wall to wall with Java Moss and the surface was covered with Riccia. I gave up and removed them and tried some Epiplatys annulatus instead. I waited for killie fry and thought I'd succeeded when I saw small fry at the surface among the Riccia. Time proved me wrong and what I had were about 45 Copella fry.

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