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African river


Africa river
A new aquarium for P. njcholsi.

A brief description:
Eheim Aquarium - 200l - aquatic ;
filtration - Eheim 2224 external filter + a noname of 100l / h internal powerhead serves more than ;
- Light - That's like it's just natural light, in this setup I want to see how the plants grow only in natural light ;
-heater -Resun , 200W ;
-substrate - sand of Baumax ;
- hardscape - African Mopani , a willow branch torsional, river stones ;
- flora - Anubias petite, cofefolia Anubias , Anubias aureus, Bolbitis heudelotii ;
- fauna - 1M/10F Pseudocrenilabrus Nichols 1M/1F

This configuration I want to be as close to natural habitat P. Nicholsi. Do you have any examples?


I dont have examples of these fishes biotope, but that is a beautiful tank, and very nice little fish!

Pisces 56

Very pretty tank. Prettier than mine - I've way way more plants. Like how you used the African wood *and* plants to be as authentic as possible. I did the same. Nice artistic ability you have.


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Bolbitis takes forever, no? All mine is covered in algae. I don't think it's gonna make it.

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Hi all,
Bolbitis takes forever, no? All mine is covered in algae. I don't think it's gonna make it.
They are fine once they have settled in. They like some flow, and can make do with very little light. I just tuck little bits down among the plants and forget about them.

This has grown from three or four fronds in ~five years, and I've probably taken off about twice as much as is present in the photo. This tank is rain-water and low nutrient, no CO2.

cheers Darrel