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sexing apistos

  1. S

    Sexing Apistogramma cocatuoides

    I little confused almost same size
  2. P

    Need help sexing Apistogramma Agassizii

    Hello All! I know you must be tired of being asked the same requests everytime for identifying the sex of apsitogrammas but I really need your help as it's my first time keeping one. Can you kindly help me identify the sex of this Apistogramma Agassizii. Its been 4 months of me getting it from...
  3. M

    Apistogramma macmasteri

    Can someone confirm this is a female macmasteri? And how can you know it is not a sneaker male?
  4. C

    Assumed male Apistogramma Borellii not colouring up

    I got what I believed was a male and female Borellii about year ago, they never got on, never coloured up and didn't really show any sort of gender norms apart from not having rounded fins so I guessed they were both males. I have since split them up and have gotten two female Borellii opal...
  5. M

    Sexing apistogramma macmasteri

    I got a rescued pair of apistogramma macmasteri they were in horrible conditions, they shared a 4g tank with few guppies, they were skinny and had fin rot, i managed to talk with the guy who was selling the tank to sell me his pair. The pair is in my 55g for now, feeding them heavily with live...
  6. Z

    Sexing and species of fish (revisited)

    I've previously asked, however, was asked to wait until they had settled again. They've settled after the rescape, so I've done my best to take some pictures (Chopstick seems to have turned camera shy as of late). The first three is the above mentioned fish. The next two are my two newest, sold...
  7. Z

    Apistogramma Agassizii female or male

    I am wondering whether this fish is male or female. They are around an inch in length, and I believe I've seen them colour yellow at points; however, I don't have an image of this. They have a faint black line through her tail fin; however, they also have black on their ventral fin. On their...
  8. J

    Strange behavior… Questioning if I have M/F

    Hey there everyone. About a month ago I purchased two young apistogramma cacatuoides from a LFS. I was told that the larger, more colorful one was the male and the smaller one with the yellow belly was the female. Now, I’m beginning to question if this is true. I believe I may have two males...
  9. B

    Apistogramma Borelli Female

    Hey all - this is my female Borelli Opal. I’ve had her for over a year now and for the longest time thought she was male due to her coloration. Was quite surprised when she spawned! I’m wondering if anyone else has seen a Borelli female like her? I’ve search all over the web and haven’t found...
  10. C

    Apistogramma borellii sexing

    I know they're supposed to be easy to sex but their behavior in this video has me questioning their sex. I got what I believed to be two females and a male. The two fish flairing their fins at each other are what I had thought were two females. The fish at the end of the video is the obvious...
  11. A

    Male or Female? The age old cacatuoides question.

    Hi everyone! Sorry my first post here is asking for sexing help. I appreciate any advice you can give. I ordered a pair of A. cacatuoides Triple Red from a breeder online in hopes of breeding them myself. They were listed as young juveniles, so I expect they have some more developing to do and...
  12. L

    Sold as Sunset and I don't know if they are both males... Maybe..

    Hi there, I bought these here in Nova Scotia and I love them but they don't like each other very much. The second one goes after the first all day long. I think that they may by Bitaenita? The first is also half the size of the second, and I hoped to get a pair. Do I have to wait until they...
  13. Hugo Borjesson

    Female or male apisto

    Hi, I got this female about three weeks ago when i asked for a female, but then I wasn't sure if it was so I put it in a 6-gallon tank without the male who is in a 20 gallon. She doesn't look quite as yellow IRL as in the pic but some of u will probably be able to say if it's a female or just a...
  14. A

    Apisto Cacatuoides pair?

    I purchased these as "cacatuoides double red pair" I cant tell which is male. The bigger one doesnt exhibit the colors, but is quite a bit larger than the one in front in the pic. What do you think?