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  1. C

    Stumped trying to sex my A. borellii (?) "opal"!

    Hey everyone I'm having a lot of trouble reaching a definitive answer about the sex of my opals I got a few weeks ago. The "male" of the pair hasn't colored up much at all and after sharing pics on reddit and Facebook apisto communities, it seems that no one can quite make heads or tails of what...
  2. M

    Help choosing my first Apistogramma/Dwarf Cichlid

    Hi All, My first time posting on here. I currently have a 100L tall (70cm wide) South American aquarium for which i am hoping to add an Apistogramma or Dward Cichlid as a feature fish (either a single male or pair, whichever is most appropriate). I've never kept these type of fish before so...
  3. kaku

    sexing juvenile apistogramma cacatuoides

    I need help sexing all 3 of these fish they are juvenile cacatuoides and 2 of them are showing aggression. The place I bought them from accidentally gave me 3 and now pic 2 and pic 3 are being aggressive. Can you help me sex them and tell me what I should do?
  4. N

    Apistogramma juruensis? ID help

    Hello, I got these little guys from a local shop today. They were being sold as apistogramma juruensis, but I’m not sold on that ID. Here are some pics Here are some photos of when I got them home I can provide more pictures once they settle in a bit. I got 4 fish, what I think is 2 males and 2...
  5. Clarky

    My apistogrammas keep dying (help)

    Heya, I'm new to Apistos, and have recently set up a tank for them and a couple other fish (tank is a month old). I'm really having trouble with them, I started off with 5 and now only have 2, none of them looked particularly thin with no apparent diseases, however some hover in a corner of the...
  6. B

    Help. Apistogramma steindachneri sick?

    I have two apistogramma steindachneri females that I have had in the same tank for over 3 months now. They are in a 10gal, heavily planted aquarium by themselves and one kuhli loach and a couple pest snails that come and go. I have had zero issues with them, until yesterday. I noticed one of the...
  7. L

    Not sure what they are doing

    TLDR: I would like to know the sex of these three for sure and what this tail flick/ biting behavior is. Is it territorial fighting or mating behavior? Background I should say from the start that this is my first go at apistos but I have housed other cichlids, as well as all the 'starter' fish...
  8. Troubledcrenicichla

    Issues with eye worms in bolivian ram population

    So, I bought 3 bolivian rams and rn they are in a 40g long. I was hoping for all females but I got 2x males and 1x female, but I can fix that later. The problem is that all local dealers sell rams with some sort of eye worm/nematode I've not been able to identify. It stays curled up in the...
  9. H

    Help! Apisto Cockatoo sick?

    Hello, I am not sure what happened but my apisto caca male that I have had for half a year is acting strange. He is usually very active swimming all over the tank and coming up to me every time I walk past the tank. The past 2 days he has been staying at the bottom of the tank under a piece of...
  10. A

    Female cacatuoides not eating

    Hello! This is my first post on any type of fishkeeping forum, so please forgive me if I got something wrong/didn't give enough info. I picked up a pair of subadult apistogramma cacatuoides two weeks ago (male was about 1.5 inches, female was about 1 inch). They both looked very healthy when I...
  11. Don R

    Identification help on A. Cacatuoides 'Super Red'

    I could use some helping figuring out if this is a female or a sneaker male. Thanks!
  12. The Apisto Guy

    Male apistos lost all color and breathing heavy.

    I have recently aquired some apistogramma hongsloi gold reds. They are doing pretty good except the male and female in my 36 gallon have both changed color. The female is now very yellow and red with very dark black lines while the male has turned completely white instead of his old vivid gold...
  13. Shane Puthuparambil

    Importing fish... I need some tips!!

    Hey guys! I have been keeping Apistogramma for some time now. I just started having breeding success with my A. sp. Abacaxis and A. Iniridae, both wild caught. I am getting an import order in soon. Its a single box, going in on an order with another individual who runs a wholesale business...