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  1. A

    Dealing with hard tapwater with high nitrates

    Hello, I'm preparing to dive back into fishkeeping after a long hiatus. I previously kept a pair of A. macmasteri who showed frequent courtship behaviour but never raised eggs successfully. At the time my tap water contained nitrates of at least 50 ppm and gH was around 15, pH was somewhere in...
  2. R

    Water Parameters and Stocking

    Hey all, I’ve been wanting to get some apistos for my 30gal (30” x 12” x 18”). My lfs has some red shoulder macmasteri (sold as viejita) but I’m a bit concerned about my water parameters. Currently I’m dealing with pH 7.5, KH 120 ppm, GH 140 ppm. Would that be an issue for the macmasteri, and...
  3. Linds6292

    Too Soft?

    Hi, I have read a lot of posts talking about people preparing water for their Apisos. However, most aren't fortunate enough to have soft water out of the tap, so people are mixing RO and tap water to get the right mix. Some use only RO water. My tap water is very soft. Below is the average...