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  1. M

    Keyhole cichlid unfertile eggs

    Hello, i have a keyhole cichlid couple in a 55g tank with 12 ember tetras, 6 hatchet fish and a male nannacara anomala. My keyhole cichlids been breeding every 2 weeks for like 3 months but the eggs turn all white after 2 days and they end up eating them, are the eggs not being fertilized or its...
  2. R

    Apisto Macmasteri Breeding in 30g Community Tank

    Hello all, I recently got a macmasteri pair that I placed in my 30g community tank. The tank currently houses: CPDs Kubotai Rasboras Rosy Loaches Gertrude Spotted Rainbow fish Would the pair be able to successfuly breed/raise fry in this tank with the other fish in this tank? Or would the...
  3. TCMontium

    Dicrossus filamentosus fry care and death

    Hi, After years of unsuccessful eggs from several pairs of Dicrossus filamentosus, this last batch of eggs managed to hatch. I suppose using distilled instead of RO water or using peat moss and alder cones instead of catappa leaves did the trick. But after 2-3 days of their hatching, most of...
  4. TCMontium

    Impact of diet on fertility and embryo mortality

    I have 2 spawning pairs of Apistogramma atahualpa and Apistogramma mendezi. Both spawned at least 4 times, maybe even 5-7 times in the last 3-4 months. Neither hatched fry from these spawns or if they did (which is unlikely), the fry never survived to the free swimming stage. I found a single...