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apisto sick

  1. A

    Potentially sick female A. Agassizii? Help

    Hi, I have a 1 month old 25 gallon tank which I cycled and introduced a pair of Agassizii and 10 CPDs to about a week ago. Everything started out great. They were eating immediately, then the female started staking out her turf and showing what I thought was breeding behavior. Turning over on...
  2. T

    My female Baenschi has something wrong with her

    Last night my girl Baenschi started swimming poorly with her tail up but would get right for a while. I did 30% water change and she seemed to be ok. Checked on her a few times overnight seemed good. This morning she was fine but came back a few hours later and she was floating/swimming around...
  3. B

    Help. Apistogramma steindachneri sick?

    I have two apistogramma steindachneri females that I have had in the same tank for over 3 months now. They are in a 10gal, heavily planted aquarium by themselves and one kuhli loach and a couple pest snails that come and go. I have had zero issues with them, until yesterday. I noticed one of the...
  4. H

    Help! Apisto Cockatoo sick?

    Hello, I am not sure what happened but my apisto caca male that I have had for half a year is acting strange. He is usually very active swimming all over the tank and coming up to me every time I walk past the tank. The past 2 days he has been staying at the bottom of the tank under a piece of...
  5. C

    Eye problem!

    Recently I noticed my Apistogrammas left eye was swollen and it looked like a fungal infection (not sure), I did a 50% water change and have been dosing with Melafix for 3 days now. The "fungus" has gone away now from the front and turned into this black hole which appears to be puncturing the...
  6. DWinchester

    Apisto Hongsloi turning dark.gray

    Suggestions/advice? My female apisto Hongsloi red has turned dark gray over the past few days. I orig thought she and her male were displaying spawning behavior, but she never turned yellow. The male completely ignores her now. This morning, she just sits at the bottom of the tank whereas she...