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  1. G

    Apistogramma Agassizi Fire Red identification

    Hi, I just received my new Agassizzi Fire Red. It should be a pair: male + female. I'm not sure which one is male and which one is female, can you help with this issue? First two photos: bigger fish, aproximately 5 cm now 3rd picture: smaller fish, aproximataly 3 cm now: Last picture...
  2. Andy452

    Fry meal plan!

    Hi Experts, I have Apistogramma Agassizii fry which are about 3 weeks old. Initially I was feeding micro worms for say the first week, then a mix of micro worms and BBS, and now predominantly BBS twice a day. I'm wondering: 1) what is best to feed them at this age? 2) and is there an...
  3. Andy452

    Sand Substrate

    Hi Apisto Experts! I'm planning a new Apisto tank (~18gal/69liter) for my Apistogramma Agassizii pair One key point is a sand substrate, I have read that a sand substrate (~0.5mm silica sand ie filter sand) is best for apisto and their natural sifting behavior. I have never used a sand...
  4. Andy452

    New Apistogramma Agassizii pair

    Hi About 3 weeks ago I bought a pair of Apistogramma Agassizii. :) I placed them into a 9gal quarantine tank with 5 existing ember tetra as dithers. The QT tank is bare bottom with sponge filter, ceramic cave, small rock with anubias on it, and I later added a piece of wood covered in java moss...