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Apistogramma Agassizzi : wounds/disease/parasite?


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I have a female Apistogramma Agassizzi who has some spots and irregularities on her flanks, on both sides. I bought her in May with a male. They are in a 300L tank, very well managed.
KH3, GH5, 25°C, no nitrite and no nitrate, well planted, well filtered etc... with corydoras and ember tetra. I feed them with a aried diet : frozen artemias, live food, dry food, they eat well everything.

I noticed these wounds in July, thinking I will go away, in August it was still there and I started to worry about it and started to treat it. It's hard to see what is it. It's in relief, it looks like either a sore, or loose scales with something white coming out from her body. It dosen't seems alive, its not moving.
She has always been active, theses "things" dosen't seems to affect her at all.

Since I started to take care of her, i am using a 15L separate tank. I started to use the medication I had : Esha 2000, then salt bath at 1g/L, then Esha Exit (not everything at the same time. I had no result and no evolution.
I went to an aquarium store, I left with EKTOMOR and VIRUMOR. I chose to start with the VIRUMOR with the long treatment of one week, I respected the dosage. At the end of the week : No effect on the fish. I made a pause of some days then I started the next treatment EKTOMOR. Same thing, long treatment of one week with the adequate dosage. Still no effect on the fish. Theses wounds havn't changed since months, the fish is still active, eat well, is curious...

Do you know what can it be ?
Do you think I can do something else?

My last hope was a salt treatment with high dosage but I'm not used to it. I don't want to risk something else if it can't be cured.

The 3 first pictures were taken the 2th of august, the last pictures are from today.
Thanks you very much for your advises.


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Hello again,
If you have any question I ready to answer to five you more information ;)

Here you can find a video of my fish. Looking healthy except these marks on the sides...

Jon Webb

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Hello again,
If you have any question I ready to answer to five you more information ;)

Here you can find a video of my fish. Looking healthy except these marks on the sides...
I’ve had the same on two of my discus recently. Various antibiotics no help. One got better after 3-4 weeks. The other better,
traces of two sores remain. I think they may have been injured, and keeping them
in a hospital tank was the “cure”.

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