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Recent content by Richgrenfell

  1. Richgrenfell

    Buying Apistogramma diplotaenia male

    Jim, are you still around? I have tried to contact you through email and private messages here, and have gotten no reply. Just wondering how you are and what you are working with these days. Drop me a line! Are you on Facebook?
  2. Richgrenfell

    Hello From Orlando Florida

    Atta girl Pat!
  3. Richgrenfell

    Hello From Orlando Florida

    Hi Pat!
  4. Richgrenfell

    Buying A. mendezi

    Anyone working with mendezi?
  5. Richgrenfell

    Wild Congochromis dimidiatus?

    Very nice!! Where on the East Coast are you?
  6. Richgrenfell

    WTB Ap. Barlowi or Kelleri

    I'd be interested as well...........
  7. Richgrenfell


    Thanks very much for sharing!
  8. Richgrenfell

    Wild Congochromis dimidiatus?

    Sure did.....spread them all over the place via aquabid.
  9. Richgrenfell

    Wild Congochromis dimidiatus?

    I had some called sp. leza some years ago. 2002 I think. Looked kind of like yours. I wonder if i still have the pics....?
  10. Richgrenfell

    Apistogramma mendezi F1- unsexed

    Certainly! It took me 15 years or so to get mendezi into my fish room. I will be maintaining the species from now on, so they aren't going anywhere.
  11. Richgrenfell

    Mergus Cichlid Atlas 1 By Uwe Romer

    Here is an item that doesn't come up for sale often! Have a look! http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?books&1412748865
  12. Richgrenfell

    Apistogramma mendezi F1- unsexed

    Parent pair went to their new home. I have a small group up on aquabid.... http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwapisto&1412799056
  13. Richgrenfell

    Apistogramma Panduro

    Found these at my LFS.............