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Recent content by Rapophie

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    Is this ich or part of a healing injury?

    I will keep an eye on him. The dots do not look like salt, I think it may be an odd reflection at certain angles. Appreciating the help!
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    Is this ich or part of a healing injury?

    My a. Borellii had a fight a couple of days ago and I think the female injured the male on the pictures at some point. They were completely peaceful for the two months I have them now. He had a couple missing scales, those seem to bee recovering, and now I spotted two small white dots in the...
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    60l - getting ready for my apistos!

    Beautiful, good to see a lot of plants, gives the Neos a better chance of survival.
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    Borellii vs opal

    I read in a couple of German-speaking sources, that borellii Opal is a local colour variation from the Rio Paraguay, but as already stated, most people will likely refer to any borellii with a red face, since hybrids, bred (I actually have not seen evidence of those yet) and natural strains are...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi, Just wanted to say hello from the very western edge of Germany! I keep a pair of Apistogramma Borellii in a 60l (approx 16gal). Does somebody know if bladder or ramshorn snails eat their eggs by any chance (even though I should probably post about that in the breeding section?)? Thanks!